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January newsletter

URW Christmas Party Photo Gallery

NFRW Capital Connection, Nov. 28, Inaugural Week Activites

Non-profits at Nov. 21 meeting

This was certainly not an easy election cycle, but you stuck with it until the end, and by the grace of God and your hard work WE DID IT!!!!!

Thank you to NFRW and the Rosie's Road Show visiting SC and helping to ramp up our successes!


Bev Brady

Enjoy and forward NFRW accolades!!!!!

---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: Anushya Ramaswamy Ladies,


This momentous and stunning victory truly belongs to all of YOU – a true validation of your herculean efforts and the blood, sweat and tears you have all put in.

Take a moment for yourself – maybe a glass of wine or two (I won’t judge if you want the wine this morning) – and realize just how much of a difference YOU have made.

I sit here, in the NFRW office, profoundly humbled and simultaneously applauding your zeal, your strength, your will to fight, and your optimism in the face of so much misinformation and degradation.

YOU are my inspiration.



October newsletter

Oct 17: URW Membership Tea

Upstate Republican Women Membership Tea from Thomas Hanson on Vimeo.

Photo gallery

Sept. 19 meeting: URW honors veterans, and U.S. Rep. Jeff Duncan drops by

Upstate Republican Women Honor Veterans from Thomas Hanson on Vimeo.

Rep. Jeff Duncan visits Upstate Republican Women from Thomas Hanson on Vimeo.

URW Recognizes Member Businesses from Thomas Hanson on Vimeo.

Butch Kirven speaks to URW

Paul Howell speaks on Honor Flight.

Photo gallery

September newsletter

NFRW Capital Connection, 9/9/2016: Remembering Phyllis Schlafly; Special Appeal from Becky Johnson; Rosie Travels thru NV, CA, AZ, Tops 18,000 Miles

Posted 7:30 p.m., Monday, Aug. 15

Today's URW luncheon

SC Lt. Gov. Henry McMaster speaks to Upstate Republican Women from Thomas Hanson on Vimeo

Opening comments by President Donna Gottschall

Pledge of Allegiance, prayer and Republican Creed by Colleen Deas

Nate Leupp, Greenville GOP vice chairman, shows video of Republican Convention

Delegate Stephen Brown talks about attempted rule changes at Republican Convention

Photo gallery

August Newsletter


GOP CONVENTION — From left: Suzette Jordan, Past President URW; Donna Gottschall, URW President, and Linda Garner, Past Vice President URW, surround the South Carolina marker from the floor of the RNC.

Here is our July newsletter

NFRW President Carrie Almond at 2016 Republican Convention: 'Women Support Trump'

NFRW President Calls for Unity in Republican Convention Speech

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National Federation of Republican Women bus tour from Thomas Hanson on Vimeo

Photo gallery

June 20 meeting

Joseph Kernell, Greenville County Administrator from Thomas Hanson on Vimeo.

Video of opening and closing remarks

Photo gallery

Here is our June newsletter

NFRW Capital Connection June 6

NFRW Senate Spotlight: Richard Burr of North Carolina

District 21 County Council Candidates Forum June 10

Upstate Republican Women SC Senate Six Candidates Forum from Thomas Hanson on Vimeo.

Upstate Republican Women from Thomas Hanson on Vimeo.

Photo gallery

NFRW Senate Spotlight May 3. We need Chuck Grassley from Iowa in the U.S. Senate

NFRW Roundtable--May issue

NFRW Capital Connection Week of May 23

URW Barbecue May 12

Upstate Republican Women 2016 Barbecue from Thomas Hanson on Vimeo.

Photo gallery

Here is a link to our current newsletter

2016 candidate filings

NFRW Capital Connection May 2, 2016


SCFRW Candidates — 2016 National Delegates

April 18 meeting

Greenville County Sheriff Candidates Forum from Thomas Hanson on Vimeo.

Part Two

Introductory comments

Photo gallery

NFRW Capital Connection April 19, 2016

NFRW Capital Connection April 11, 2016


It is important that our club is updated on the State GOP news.  Please read the below information from Hope Walker and share this email with anyone you feel would be interested.  Thank you.


Donna Gottschall
Upstate Republican Women

---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: Hope Walker <>
Date: Mon, Apr 18, 2016 at 8:12 AM
Subject: Executive Committee Update - Please Read!
To: Hope Walker <>

Dear Members of the Executive Committee, 

Happy Monday and I hope that you are doing well!

Things are going GREAT with the party and we are over half way finished with District Conventions!

District Convention
- I want to give a HUGE shout out to Jim Davis for organizing the 1st Congressional District Convention this past Saturday. Also another shout out to Moye Graham, Brandon Newton, Craig Caldwell and Eaddy Willard who are in the process of organizing their respective District Conventions that are in the coming weeks (the 6th District Convention is this coming Saturday). 

For results of folks that have been elected as National Delegates/Alternates at the District Conventions, go to

If you are in a district that has District Convention coming up, please make sure that you are reaching out to your delegations and having them pre-register. This makes the process easier on the day of. Folks can go to in order to register. 

State Convention
- State Convention is rapidly approaching! Saturday, May 7 is right around the corner and we want as many delegates and alternates to participate as possible. Please help us in the notification process by sending out the link for pre-registration to your delegations. The link for State Convention is I will also send a list to each of you so that you know who has already pre-registered for State Convention from your county.

Silver Elephant
-We are extremely excited that Arkansas Senator Tom Cotton is our keynote speaker for Silver Elephant this year. Silver Elephant will be held on Friday, May 6 in Columbia. We are looking forward to a wonderful event! For tickets and information, please go to 

I know that some counties are purchasing sponsorships and tables for Silver Elephant. If you are interested in doing this, please let me know and I will get you the details. The deadline to sign up for this great deal is this Thursday by 5:00 p.m.

GOP Data Center
- We are really excited that the voter information from the 2016 Presidential Preference Primary in February is available in GOP Data Center! You should all have access to GOP Data Center. If you need any help accessing this information, please let John know. He can set up a webinar and train you on how to pull voter lists. His email is

South Carolina Republican Party Awards
- The deadline to submit award nominations it today (Monday, April 18) at noon. There are so many wonderful folks that are deserving of these awards, so make sure that you get your nominations in! For the nomination form, please go to

As always, thank you for everything that you do for our party and state. Please let me know if you need anything and have a wonderful week!


Hope Walker
Executive Director
The South Carolina Republican Party

Legislative Action Alert: Helping Families in Mental Health Crisis: H.R. 2646

URW members at NFRW event in Washington, D.C.

Marlin and Christy Stutzman in Greenville



The Spring Meeting of the SCFRW will be held Saturday, April 23rd at the Marriott, 1200 Hampton Street, Columbia, SC.

The Executive Officers will meet at 9:30 A.M., the Executive Committee will meet from 9:45 10:45 A.M..

Registration for ALL Members of the SCFRW will begin at 11:00 A.M. with the luncheon and meeting beginning at 11:30 A.M. We have a lot to discuss, so please be prompt. We will adjourn by 1 P.M.

Executive Committee please let me know any agenda items you might want included in our meeting. Your prompt reply will be greatly appreciated.

Reservations may be made by contacting Gaye Holt ( The luncheon is $25./person. Valet Parking is available for $10./car!

Please remember that "a reservation made is a reservation paid!"

Looking forward to seeing all y'all there! Please encourage members of your Club to be in attendance, this is not just for Presidents!!!!! Thank you!


APRIL 23, 2016 11:00 a.m. REGISTRATION
1200 HAMPTON ST., COLUMBIA 803-771-7000


I. Call to Order
II. Invocation - Sandra Bryan
III. Pledge of Allegiance - Suzette Jordan
IV. Republican Creed - Gaye Holt
V. Recognition of Elected Officials - Beverly Owensby
VI. Minutes of Winter Meeting/Executive Committee Meeting/Roll Call - Kathy Davis
VII. Treasurers Report - Gaye Holt
a) Revised Budget Presentation
VII. Presidents Report - Bev Brady
a) NFRW Spring Legislative Meeting in Washington Update
IX. Committee Reports
a) Social Media -
b) Campaign Committee (NFRW Campaign Hours) - Kathy Behlert
c) Membership Committee - Linda Garner & Linda Slaton
d) Legislative Committee - Donna Gotschall
e) Other committees
XI. Old Business
a) Candidates' Spouses Luncheon Wrap-Up - Beverly Owensby
b) Hand-out of SCFRW Proxy
XII. Other business
a) Silver Elephant Raffle
XIII. Adjournment to SCFRW Club Presidents and Club Treasurer Trainings

April 30 2nd District SCGOP Convention
May 6th Silver Elephant Dinner - Hope Walker
May 7th SCGOP Convention - Hope Walker
July 18th - 21st RNC Convention - Cleveland, OH
July 18-21st NFRW Fall Board of Directors Meeting - Cleveland, OH
August - Opening of County Election Headquarters across South Carolina


Updates from Hope Walker, SCGOP

From Hope Walker

Just a few updates and reminders from the SCGOP:

Candidate Filing
- Candidate Filing is closed and I am excited to announce that Chairman Moore certified 527 Republican candidates across the state. Thank you all for your help in making this a smooth process with sending the certification letters and Affidavit's. We had the most candidates file than any other party. This is a HUGE compliment to you as party leaders and the hard work that you are each putting in to help move the Conservative Cause (especially those in the more rural, blue counties). It is really exciting to see great conservatives running in seats that Republicans have never run for previously (Abbeville, Chester, Marion, Union, etc.). So THANK YOU for your great work in this effort!

District Conventions
- The first of the District Conventions (3rd Congressional, 7th Congressional) will be held this Saturday with the 4th Congressional Convention on Monday. For those of you that still have registration open for folks to have their name placed on the ballot as National Delegate, please remind your delegation that they must register at noon a week prior to the District Convention and State Convention in order to have their name on the ballot (State Party Rule 6-c-6-b). For folks to register, they may go to

State Convention
- State Convention will be held on Saturday, May 7, 2016 at the Columbia Convention Center. The State Convention Review Committee met yesterday to approve the Standing Rules and other State Convention details. Please make sure that your delegation pre-registers for State Convention. I cannot stress enough how much this helps the process in the days leading up to the event. The State Convention Standing Rules may be found at

Silver Elephant
- We are excited that Senator Tom Cotton of Arkansas will be our guest speaker at the 49th Annual Silver Elephant this year! For tickets and information, please go to

South Carolina Republican Party Awards
- We have extended the deadline for award nominations to Monday, April 18. There are so many wonderful folks that are deserving of these awards, so make sure that you get your nominations in! For the nomination form, please go to

National Convention
- This week, the Republican National Committee launched a great new website for the National Convention in Cleveland this summer. This is an extremely informative website that helps to answer many questions that folks have about Nation Convention. We are committed to ensure that the process is fair, honest and transparent. I hope that each of you will take a look at this website,

Again I cannot express my gratitude to each of you for the commitment to our party and state.

Please let me know if you need anything and I hope that you have a wonderful rest of the week! I am looking forward to seeing you at your District Convention!


Posted 6:40 p.m., Monday March 21

Today's meeting

John White: Candidate for SC Senate 5, speaks to Upstate Republican Women from Thomas Hanson on Vimeo.

Introductory comments



SAVE THE DATE: MAY 12, 5:30 p.m., Spring Elephant Fest Barbecue

Feb. 16 meeting

Mayor Knox White from Thomas Hanson on Vimeo.

Rep. Louie Gohmert (R-Texas) endorses Sen. Ted Cruz from Thomas Hanson on Vimeo.


Rep. Steve King (R-Iowa) endorses Sen. Ted Cruz from Thomas Hanson on Vimeo.

President Donna Gottschall: We Are Christians First

Eric Teetsel, National Director, Faith Outreach, Marco Rubio campaign

Gaston Mooney: Conservative Review

National Anthem

Still photo gallery


Piedmont Women's Center 2016 Banquet for Life Click on this link to reserve your place at this event or to become a sponsor.

Posted at 4 p.m., Satuday, Feb. 6


URW members at the Feb. 6 SCFRW board meeting in Columbia: From left: Mary Vause, Linda Garner, President Donna Gottschall and Suzette Jordan

State Rep. Phyllis Henderson, a URW member, on Ethics Reform

Posted 5:20 p.m., Tuesday, Jan. 19

Today's URW luncheon

Candy Carson speaks to Upstate Republican Woman from Thomas Hanson on Vimeo

URW President Donna Gottscall introduces Candy Carson

Still photos

Posted 7:40 a.m., Tuesday, Dec. 22

Christmas 2015

Linda Garner Receives Deb Sofield Award from Thomas Hanson on Vimeo.

Star Spangled Banner

URW Honors Susan Brinkerhoff and Linda Garner

Nutcracker Ballet

Dr. Nicky Chavers: You Call Yourself an American?

The Inn That Missed Its Chance

The Prayer

Comments by Dr. Nicky Chavers

Closing Comments by President Donna Gottschall

Still Photo Gallery

Posted 9:10 a.m., Tuesday, Nov. 17

Membership Reception, Nov. 16, at the home of of Lisa and Rip Van Riper

SC State Rep. Wendy Nanney rips Refugee Resettlement Program from Thomas Hanson on Vimeo.

SC State Rep. Wendy Nanney on Pain Capable bill from Thomas Hanson on Vimeo.

Photo gallery

Posted 2:40 p.m., Monday, Nov. 2

SCFRW convention in Spartanburg, Oct. 31


Photo gallery

Posted 5 p.m., Monday, Oct. 19

From today's luncheon meeting

Dr. Anne Hancock speaks to Upstate Republican Women from Thomas Hanson on Vimeo.

Jeb Bush Jr. speaks to Upstate Republican Women from Thomas Hanson on Vimeo.

View photo gallery

Posted 12:15 p.m., Tuesday Sept. 22

State Rep. Anne Thayer speaks to Upstate Republican Women from Thomas Hanson on Vimeo.

Video of opening comments

Still photo gallery

Posted 8:40 a.m., Saturday, Sept. 13


The Upstate Republican Women received the Diamond Achievement Award (the highest award a club can receive) at the National Federation of Republican Women's convention in Phoenix, Arizona, yesterday. URW President Donna Gottschall (right) with Kim Wellman, president of the South Carolina Federation of Republican Women.

More photos from the convention.


From left: Donna Gottschall, URW president; Arizona Sen. Jeff Flake; and Suzette Jordan, a past URW president.


From left: Jeanita McNulty, past president of Iowa Republican Women; Mary Vause, URW; and Donna Gottschall, URW president.


Donna Gottschall (left), URW president; and Republican strategist Kellyanne Conway.


From left: Mary Vause, URW; Rep. David Schweikert of Arizona; and Donna Gottschall, URW president.


Suzette Jordan, Marciopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio and Linda Garner


From left: Jeanita McNulty, past president of Iowa Republican Women; Marciopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio; Donna Gottschall, URW president; and Mary Vause, URW.


URW President Donna Gottschall with pink underwear Sheriff Arpaio has inmates wear.


Donna Gottschall (left) with Cindy McCain, wife of Sen. John McCain

Posted 9:40 a.m., Wednesday, Aug. 19

Janet Huckabee, wife of presidential candidate Mike Huckabee, asks: What would you tell our Founding Fathers about what we have done to the country they gave us.

Janet Huckabee: Upstate Republican Women from Thomas Hanson on Vimeo

Introductory comments video

Lynn Ballard, Greenville County Council, video

Photo gallery

Posted 1 p.m., Saturday, June 26


URW members Jill Kintigh (left) and Suzette Jordan at Jill's installation ceremony this morning for another term as Greenville County treasurer.

Posted 10:40 a.m., Thursday, June 18

Upstate Republican Women attain Diamond status

Upstate Republican Women: The Working Club from Thomas Hanson on Vimeo.

Posted 4:45 p.m., Monday, June 15

Paul Howell, director of Honor Flight Upstate South Carolina, speaks during an unforgettable Americanism program

Paul Howell speaks to Upstate Republican Women about Honor Flight from Thomas Hanson on Vimeo.

Here are some videos Paul showed during his presentation

This Is Honor Flight

Honor Flight: What Happens on a Typical Honor Flight?

Honor Flight Veteran Stories - "A Story of Faith and Freedom" - by Harry Walmer - WWII Veteran

Still photos

Upstate Republican Women: opening comments from Thomas Hanson on Vimeo

Posted 3:15 p.m., Monday, May 18

Today's luncheon meeting

Rep. Garry Smith (SC House 27) speaks to Upstate Republican Women from Thomas Hanson on Vimeo


Upstate Republican Women May 15 meeting from Thomas Hanson on Vimeo.

Still photo gallery

Posted 6:10 p.m., Monday, April 20

Sara Barber, executive director of the South Carolina Coalition Against Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault, speaks at the April 20 meeting

Sara Barber speaks to Upstate Republican Women from Thomas Hanson on Vimeo.

Introductory comments

Photo gallery

Posted 5:10 p.m., Wednesday, March 18

Police Chief Ken Miller speaks to Upstate Republican Women from Thomas Hanson on Vimeo

Upstate Republican Women March 16 from Thomas Hanson on Vimeo.

Still photo gallery

Posted 4:30 p.m., Monday, Jan. 26

State Rep. Phyllis Henderson speaks at Jan. 26 meeting

SC State Rep. Phyllis Henderson speaks to Upstate Republican Women from Thomas Hanson on Vimeo

Video of introductory comments

Video of member introductions — Donna Gottschall

View still photo gallery

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Please join us for our next luncheon meeting, Monday, Jan. 23, at the Poinsett Club at 807 East Washington St. in downtown Greenville. Our speaker will be Greenville Mayor Knox White. Meet and greet at 11:30 with the luncheon meeting starting at noon. Luncheon cost for members and their guests who reserve in advance: $18. Cost for nonmembers and those without a reservation: $20.


Donna Gottschall, president
Carla Renner, vice president
Weesie Poole, secretary
Aline Kilgore, treasurer
Mary Vause, chaplin
Phyllis Foster, president ex officio

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